The OrthoFX story.

Our story is simple.

We’re a group of people who came together to, well, straighten out the teeth straightening industry.

After leaving Invisalign, Ren and Nichole, got into the Startup world, working with smart, talented people who all wanted to make some sort of big positive impact. And they started to look for a new aligner company that was going to do things differently.

It needed to have:

They already started to see big red flags in the current teeth straightening world. Like patients getting poor outcomes from mail-order treatments. And when they complained, they were bullied into submission. They saw big ads making people think that teeth straightening was as simple as teeth whitening strips. It isn’t.

They had to change things. What they wanted to do is be up front about everything. To them, it just seemed like the right thing to do. They met another Invisalign vet – Henry Chan, and set out to make things right. They used their years of expertise to rethink the aligner world. And OrthoFX was born. Face-to-face care. A price that includes every visit, every device, every time. An About Us section with the real people who founded this company for you. So long story short, they came together to help you love your teeth - safely, honestly, without the headache.

True story.

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