How Clear Aligners Changed Orthodontics

teeth straightening aligners

Clear aligners have opened a new branch of orthodontics treatment by providing a comfortable, removable, and clean alternative to the traditional braces, albeit more expensive. While the technology is new, there is no doubt that it has managed to garner a newfound audience due to its compatibility as a product. Clear aligners have every chance of taking over the industry.

Alternative to braces

While braces are still dominating the industry due to their availability and lower price, clear aligners will eventually be more in supply and hence, reduce its price substantially. This would cause braces to fall out of relevance as it is seemingly inferior in every way, other than the current price bracket. They are uncomfortable, not removable, dangerous if components are not perfectly intact, and most important of all, visible. They require more professional assistance regularly and are harder to clean by yourself. They also have restrictions on certain foods.

Consciousness does not sell

The main reason why people try to straighten their teeth is to avoid or stop any insecurity in their crooked teeth and if they try to use braces for that, they might gain larger insecurity for the next year or more. Why go through all this trouble when you can go for an invisible option that does not alter your vision in any ludicrous way? OrthoFX clear aligners are objectively a faster, comfortable, and completely safe way of straightening your teeth, not to mention, more attractive. So, this product will eventually overtake braces in sales as it will eventually, in all respects, be better.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance

There have been reports of braces breaking and injuring the user while clear aligners do not face such inconveniences. OrthoFX clear aligners blow braces out of the water and customers have mostly positive responses to these products. Objectifying the problems that are prominent in braces allows the public to understand the flaws and take in what makes braces inferior to clear aligners. The never-ending number of reasons is why the general audience prefers clear aligners. If the customer has to go through disruptions that interrupt their daily flow such as constant visits to the dentist, they will probably not be satisfied. These annoyances lead to a change in the minds of the customer that would convince them into going for a different option which, in this case, are clear aligners.