How to Choose the Best Clear Aligner Provider

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From celebrities to influencers, many share their stories about clear aligners and how they improved their smiles. This revolutionary alternative to the traditional braces has been a popular choice with its comfort,ease of brushing and flossing, and nearly invisible and easy-to-use modern technology. But, are they worth the hype? They are and we will tell you why. By investing in a clear aligner treatment, you are not only committing to improving your oral health, but also your smile. Here are a few crucial things you need to consider before picking your clear aligner provider.   

Get the expert opinion

You will be making a lifestyle change by opting for clear aligners – they require a certain amount of dedication and commitment from your end. The severity of your condition will determine your treatment options. Having your treatment planned by an expert doctor will help you make the best choice. It will also help you to understand how invisible aligners work as opposed to metal braces. After your dental consultation, if you have been determined a good candidate for OrthoFX clear aligner treatment, go for it.

Do your research 

With the increasing popularity of clear aligners, the market is flooded with brands that promise to do the job just as well or better than the rest. As a result, the patients can struggle to determine which brand is for them. Unless you have done your research and compared your options with a dental expert, it may even be impossible to make the best choice. Study the pros and cons of popular brands in the market, read advice on trusted websites like the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) to make an informed decision as well as the Better Business Bureau. Service providers, such as OrthoFX, are not only offering advanced technology, but also have vast experience working with leaders in the dental. 

Affordable yet effective

By investing in clear aligner treatment, you are making the decision to work towards achieving a confident smile within a matter of months to a year+. pt for a trustworthy brand that comes with expert recommendations and offers quality care at affordable prices like OrthoFX. OrthoFX’s goal is affordability with excellent results, safely. 

Customer reviews

Real customer reviews can be a good gauge of the patient experience with a particular brand. Trusted sites such as YOTPO verify user reviews that are published. Rely on reviews that share the user’s journey from when they got the aligners to the time they started seeing results. OrthoFX has hundreds of customers sharing their experience and its effectiveness. The experience for the patient and the doctor is important to OrthoFX, and that’s why we feel we’re one of the best clear aligner manufacturers in the dental industry.