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Have insurance?
We’ve got you covered.

We geek out on insurance as much as teeth. Because nothing makes people smile more than knowing insurance will cover it. 

Real OrthoFX patients. Real savings.

April D. saved

$ 1000

Her total out of
pocket payment was $725.

John D. saved

$ 500

His total out of
pocket payment was $2,950.

Michelle V. saved

$ 700

Her total out of
pocket payment was $1,975.

We’ll work with your insurance provider before you pay a single dime.

We will never ask you to pay first, then figure out your insurance coverage or reimbursement later. We’ll make sure your eligible insurance coverage is applied before we take payment for treatment. It’s just the right thing to do. 

And we’re all about doing the right thing.

Don’t know if your insurance will cover clear aligner treatment? No worries! Just call and let us know who you have coverage with–and we’ll chase down your coverage details for you. We love doing this stuff–let us take on the hassle for you!

Stack on the savings.
Put your HSA or FSA money to good use.​

If you pay into an HSA or FSA plan, you can use those funds to reduce your out-of-pocket expense even more. 

We’ll take care of those details for you too, because we love it when you save money. 

Who doesn’t?

Understanding insurance is hard. Calling our concierge for help is much easier.