A message from our Founders regarding COVID-19

The health and safety of our patients, employees, and network of dentists is our number one priority. We are closely monitoring government recommendations as they continue to evolve and have updated our COVID-19 guidelines accordingly.

Many of our OrthoFX™ dental practice partners are following advice from the American Dental Association and CDC, and have decided to temporarily suspend consultations, appointments and check-in’s. Rest assured that this is a proactive and preventative measure to ensure their support and commitment to public health and social responsibility. If you have an upcoming appointment with one of our doctors, you can reschedule it either by contacting your Doctor’s office directly or by contacting an OrthoFX Concierge team member.

This is also a good time to remind everyone of a few best practices to keep your OrthoFX aligners or retainers hygienic and minimize risk of accidental exposure:

1. Instead of using your fingers to remove your aligners or retainers, use the pull tool we provided at the beginning of your treatment. If you have misplaced your pull tool, please reach out to our OrthoFX Concierge team, and we will mail out a new pull tool at no additional charge. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands before inserting or removing your aligners or retainers.

2. Speaking of your pull tool, remember to also clean it often by lightly scrubbing with warm water and dish soap. Pat dry with a clean towel or air dry. Do not place in a dishwasher

3. Be careful about placing aligners or retainers on surfaces that have not been sterilized. This includes wrapping aligners in napkins or tissue. Place your aligners in the retainer case we provided at the beginning of your treatment to keep contamination to a minimum. If you have lost your retainer case, please reach out to our OrthoFX Concierge team, and we will mail out a new case at no additional charge.

4. Clean your aligners or retainers frequently by lightly scrubbing with a toothbrush and lukewarm soapy water. You can also soak them for 30 minutes in mouthwash. Rinse thoroughly before placing back in your mouth.

5. Don’t forget about cleaning your aligner/retainer case! We recommend cleaning once a week with warm water and dish soap. Pat dry with a clean towel or air dry. Do not place in a dishwasher.

6. If you feel like your aligners are no longer hygienic, discontinue use and immediately reach out to our OrthoFX Concierge Team to reorder a new set at no additional charge.

To help protect you and your family from exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19) we strongly recommend following the advice of your doctor, the CDC and State or Local Government protocols.

If you have any other questions about your treatment plan over the coming weeks our OrthoFX Concierge team is available to you from 9am - 5pm at 415-936-0006. You can also text us for updates at 415-843-8362, or email us at support@care.orthofx.com.

Thank you for being a valued patient of OrthoFX. We appreciate your continued trust and confidence. As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold we are here for you to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to taking care of you throughout your treatment plan.

Ren Menon, Nichole Garcia, and Henry Chan

Founders of OrthoFX™

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