A better clear aligner experience for you and your patients.

We believe the safest way to straighten teeth is face to face with a pro. And we make sure patients understand the value of in-person treatment and that they don’t have to sacrifice convenience or personalization to get it.

Our mission is to deliver a better clear aligner experience with a business model that provides the latest in aligner technology with best-in-class doctor support and reimagined patient experience.

A financial model as clear as our aligners.

While some aligner companies make you pay them for their aligners, we do things a little differently. We pay you for your service, per patient, at the start of treatment. 

We have everything your patients want.

Try It Plan - Ortho FX

Try It Kit​

Aligner patients can try before committing to the full treatment, helping to make them feel confident with their decision.

Full Treatment

Our treatment includes:

  • No lab fee
  • Payment in 5 days or less
  • Clinical concierge
  • Remote co-monitoring
  • No charge refinement and replacement aligners
  • New patient referral programs
Best Clear Aligners - OrthoFX

Retainer Subscription​

FXTetra Bright™ is a retention solution intentionally designed to prevent relapse. Subscription options also available in 3,6 or 12 month increments.

Next-Generation FXTetraTM Aligners

Best in class aligner technology starts with our next generation polymer, FXTetra.

Best Online Teeth Aligners - OrthoFX

Monitoring your patient’s treatment remotely is as easy as tapping a button. Meet FXOnTrack™

Finding new ways to stay in touch with your patients has never been more critical. That’s why we created the FXOnTrack App for OrthoFX patients―giving you, the doctor, the ability to perform remote check-in’s and have direct access to your patient’s treatment progression.

FXOnTrack App

Touchless Solutions designed for a changing world

Trade chair time for care time with our suite of touchless solutions designed to allow you to start patients on OrthoFX clear aligner therapy and monitor their progress remotely.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Touchless Treatment

Start your patients on their OrthoFX clear aligner journey, without the need for an in-office visit, with our Touchless Start Option.

Video Visits

OrthoFX Video Visits let you seamlessly connect with your patients remotely, provide virtual consultations and discuss treatment in real time.

Remote Monitoring

With FXOnTrack™ you can monitor your patient’s progress, and ensure they are staying on track.

OrthoFX Concierge Support

Insurance Expertise

  • Our team provides you and your patients with insurance support
  • Insurance verification and claim submissions*
  • Answers patient related insurance questions


*If requested by doctor

Personalized Patient Support

  • We assist patients before, during, and after treatment
  • Manage practice appointments
  • Help with patient acquisition
  • Provide virtual onboarding/training 

Online Billing and Financing

  • Affordable financing option for patients online through GreenSky
  • OrthoFX team helps patients understand payment terms
  • Patients pay online for OrthoFX treatment
  • HSA and FSA payments also accepted

Clinical Support

  • Treatment plans made by doctors
  • Treatment-planning doctor accessible to you
  • Remote monitoring of your patients via our Clinical Concierge team of doctors through our mobile app, FXOnTrack

Some kind words from our dental professionals

Interested in adding OrthoFX to your practice?

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