Our aligners are so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing them.

We have  industry leading tech, resulting in a faster and more comfortable experience–we’re proud to show them off a little.

OrthoFX Products - Best Teeth Straightening Aligners


With FXTetra aligners, you’ll feel 40% less pressure on your teeth. Now, that’s comforting.


Our aligners are made with some of the clearest material around. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing them.


You’ll wear each set of aligners for only one week, instead of two weeks like other competitive products. Less really is more.


Our aligners are one of the safest options out there and are FDA cleared.

How do our aligners
work? It’s magic, almost.

Let’s geek out for a second.

Decades of research, refinements and experimentation went into creating the best aligner experience for our customers. The result is a proprietary 3-layer-material we lovingly call: FXTetra.

What does this mean for you? A faster and more comfortable teeth straightening journey.

Best Online Teeth Aligners - OrthoFX

Are aligners right for you?

With OrthoFX, you’ll meet with one of our hand-selected doctors to see if our aligner treatment fits your specific needs. We treat a broad spectrum of mild to moderate crowding issues.

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See what all this teeth straightening goodness is all about. It’s as easy as submitting a few selfies. We have a feeling you’re good at that!

Are aligners right for you?

Our FXTetra aligners treat some of the most common reasons behind a not-so-perfect bite, which means you’re likely a great fit. See below for some common bites we treat.

Ready to make that beautiful smile?

Smile Preview

Get a free 3D preview of your
beautiful straight teeth
$ 0
  • As easy as submitting 3 selfies
  • 3D model of your smile evolution
  • Estimated treatment length

Try It Kit

Curious about wearing aligners?
Take them for a test drive!
$ 95
  • Teeth scanned by a doctor
  • 3D model of your smile evolution
  • Treatment timeline
  • A real set of custom made aligners
  • Aligner case, pull tool and more!

Full Treatment

Go all-in and jump start your new
new smile journey!
$ 3,950
  • Teeth scanned by a doctor​
  • 3D model of your smile evolution​
  • Treatment timeline​
  • Custom aligners based on your treatment plan
  • Aligner case, pull tool and more!
  • Support from our amazing OrthoFX Concierge team
  • Insurance discount*
  • Financing available**
  • FSA/HSA Eligible