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Ready for a smile upgrade? You came to the right place. We’re the easier, faster, and safer option out there. As well as leaders in doctor initiated remote treatments. So let’s do this.

  • Face-to-face doctor care.
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  • No fine print.
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Care from the
comfort of your own home

Our touchless option lets you connect with doctors virtually and receive treatment and advice from the comfort of your home. Try it today!

More things
to smile about.

With OrthoFX, you get everything you need for a straighter smile, with the care that will make you smile too.

You deserve

  • transparent all-in pricing
  • the beautiful smile you've always wanted
  • a real doctor with in-person care
  • the safest and fastest treatment possible
  • customer support that's always there
  • the opportunity to try before you buy
  • OrthoFX
Best OrthoDental Clinic - OrthoFX

It’s your smile.

Trust it to a


We like to imagine your face, face-to-face with a doctors face, because, face it, that’s just better.

With OrthoFX, your doctor will be integral to your care, and will be with you throughout your treatment. They will be someone you know.

Meet our products

Best Teeth Straightening Aligners - OrthoFX

Smile Preview

Want a sneak-peek of your smile transformation? Send us 3 selfies!

OrthoFX Products - Best Teeth Straightening Aligners

Try It Kit

Take our aligners for a test drive and see if it's right for you before you commit.​

OrthoFX Products - Best Teeth Straightening Aligners

Full Treatment

Our clear aligner treatment is the best way to get the smile of your dreams.​

Our standard is better.

Teeth Aligners

We offer the clearest aligners around

OrthoFx Products

Our experience is premium, from beginning to end

Best Teeth Straightening Aligners - OrthoFX

We surprise and delight throughout your journey

FXOnTrack App

Our tech fits in with your life, not the other way around

How our treatment works

Best Clear Aligners in USA - OrthoFX

Visit the dentist or orthodontist

Select a doctor and schedule a 3D  scan appointment so we can analyze your teeth.

3d simulation treatment

Review your treatment plan

You and your doctor will review your treatment plan together

OrthoFX Products - Best Teeth Straightening Aligners

Start wearing your aligners

Receive your first aligners and treatment kit in about a week.

Best Clear Aligners - OrthoFX

Meet regularly with your doctor

Receive additional aligners and continued support every step along the way.

Best Clear Aligners Online - OrthoFX

Complete treatment

At the end of your treatment, we will provide you with your first set of free retainers.

How our treatment works

Meet your doctor

Review your plan and start wearing your aligners

Your doctor helps define your plan that best fits your life.

Use our remote monitoring to track and complete your treatment

Meet with your doctor in-person along with remote monitoring.

Starting at $2,950

(That's it. No hidden fees.)

When you learn our clear aligner treatment has no hidden fees, up-charges, or add-on’s, you won’t be able to hide your smile. And when you’re finished, you won’t have to. Our treatment starts at $2,950 based on treatment complexity.

Our aligner technology can be used to treat mild to the most comprehensive cases. After all, a smile is a powerful thing and we want to help make sure you love every part of yours.  

Good news!

  • We accept HSA/FSA
  • We accept Insurance
  • We offer financing

Mild Treatment

OrthoFX Select™


As low as $85/mo.

OrthoFX Select™ is for patients with minimal crowding and spacing.


Moderate Treatment

OrthoFX Elite™


As low as $123/mo.

Many patients need moderate adjustments. OrthoFX Elite™ is for such treatments.


Comprehensive Treatment

OrthoFX Ultra™


As low as $155/mo.

OrthoFX Ultra™ is for extensive treatments to correct all major smile issues.


Still wondering?

Try a FREE Smile Preview !

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