Nightwear Aligners

If you participate in the study you may receive up to $3000 for active participation plus have your smile improved! Join our study to help us determine if wearing clear aligners at night while sleeping
will achieve the same treatment results as daytime wear. Qualifying participants are ages 14-50, and
must be able to adhere to a schedule for wearing aligners as well as visit the treating doctor for in-
person appointments. The participating patients who complete treatment will be reimbursed for lab and
treatment fees.

AGE: 14 – 50


KEYWORDS: Clear Aligners, Treatment time, Smile, Straightening teeth, Orthodontic treatment, Dental

TYPE: Observational Clear Aligner treatment study

TARGET: 20 Participants

Dr. Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe, D.D.S. Orthodontics
Suite 203, 7055 N. Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 554-2526


We are conducting a clear aligner treatment study to demonstrate a reduction in wear time for the product while still achieving the desired treatment plan results in an acceptable treatment period for the patient.

This study requires
  • 4 visits for the first 8 weeks plus any additional visits as deemed appropriate by the treating doctor until the treatment is completed
  • Orthodontic photographs
  • Orthodontic X-Rays
  • Intraoral dental scan
  • Wearing aligners during the night plus late evening/early morning as directed
  • Wear time log
  • Completion of surveys

This study is limited to 20 qualified participants. The doctor will determine if you qualify during your initial visit.

Who can participate

Teens and adults, ages 14 to 50 old. Eligible participants should have good periodontal health and cannot be pregnant.

Benefits of participating

If you participate in the study you may receive up to $3000 for active participation plus have your smile improved!


Participants can receive full $2950 treatment cost reimbursements, depending on the time commitment of the study.


Study duration and period

Visit Mark Lowe, D.D.S. Orthodontics four times for the first eight weeks. Following the completion of the 8-week monitoring period, you will continue to see your treating doctor every six weeks or as deemed appropriate by the treating doctor. Each visit will take about one hour.


Dr. Mark Lowe

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