Learn how Summit Club makes every case more rewarding

Summit Club is a loyalty program in which you prequalify for a bonus payment in addition to the base payment for every case.  

Our way of saying Thank You!

You trusted OrthoFX to deliver the best aligner experience for your patients. Summit club is our way of saying thank you for your continued trust and relationship.

Common Questions

A loyalty program in which you prequalify for a bonus payment in addition to the base payment for each case. 

In addition to your regular case payout, when you submit 2 or more cases per month, you qualify for an additional bonus starting at $150 per case. This bonus goes up to $450 per case, giving you an opportunity to earn up to $3550 per case.

You are automatically enrolled in this program.

The sky is the limit! The more cases you submit, the more you earn per case, no limits apply.

Only aligner treatments are considered for the program. Once you approve the treatment plan (FXPlan) and the patient pays OrthoFX for their treatment, you earn an additional bonus for the case.

Note: We consider the payment date or the plan approval date, whichever comes last as the date on which the bonus is earned. Any case which is discounted more than 20%, Try It Kits, retainer subscriptions & staff treatments do not qualify for bonus dollars.

We always strive for quick on-time payments. You will receive the case fee within a week after the patient completes their full payment. The additional bonus payout amount is paid a week after the close of the month.

Summit Club membership gives you a fixed pre-reward of an extra $450 per case for every case irrespective of the treatment package for the duration of the membership and additional benefits added frequently.

When you submit 100+ lifetime cases or 16 cases in one month, you qualify for the Summit Club for a 3 month period in addition to the qualification month.

16 cases over a period of 3 months to maintain your summit club status. If criteria are not met, we will extend for 3 months as a grace-period to recover and retry.

You can still qualify for the Summit Club or be part of the Race to Summit program.

You can still qualify for bonus payment by completing the submission of 2 or more cases a month as part of our Race to Summit Club program. You can earn bonuses up to $350. The Race to the Summit Club case count is reset monthly. 

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