A complete Doctor‑driven clear aligner experience ​

In-person Doctor care. Clear cut prices. Multi-year guarantee. Ear-to-ear smiles.


Our doctors are with you.
Every step of the way.

We like to imagine your face, face-to-face with a doctor’s face, because, face it, that’s just better. Our doctors got your back at every step.

Tech almost as smart as you’ll look wearing it.


Up to 50% faster. Double the smiles. All the safety. Math is fun.


Aligners so comfortable and clear, it feels like wearing nothing at all.


Backed by the best treatment guarantee among all clear aligner brands.


Built-in virtual consultations and all-time digital monitoring. The smartest tech you’ll ever put in your mouth.

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How our treatment works?

Follow our Smile Journey to learn exactly what it will be like to go through an aligner treatment with OrthoFX.

1/ Meet doctor

2/ Start treatment

3/ Hybrid check up

4/ Final smile

With our app FXOntrack,
get the best care anywhere.

Our contactless option lets you connect with doctors virtually and receive treatment and advice from the comfort of your home.
Try it today!

Do you find any of the
following bothering you?

We understand that it can be difficult to get the right diagnosis on your own.
It’s best to leave it to the pros and as always we’ve got you covered for that.


Starting at $85/month.
No hidden fees.

When you learn our treatments have no hidden fees, you won’t be able to hide your smile. And when you’re finished, you won’t have to.

How do our aligners work? It’s magic, almost.

Decades of research, refinements and experimentation went into creating the best aligner experience for our customers. The result is a proprietary 3-layer-material we lovingly call: FXTetra.

What does this mean for you? A faster and more comfortable teeth straightening journey.

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Choosing OrthoFX treatment
was the best decision ever."

Michael Ran



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