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We’re on a mission to straighten out the teeth straightening industry.

Our Values

Affordability and honesty.

Crazy teeth-straightening prices? Forget about it. While other treatments double their markups, we think everyone deserves a great smile, without the questionable costs. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree.


You want a beautiful smile. We want to give it to you in the safest way possible. That’s why doctors will always be part of your smile journey. D2C options make sense for mattresses and razorblades. Not teeth.

An exceptional experience.

We promise our relationship won’t end when your credit card transaction settles. Our team is here for you—from helping with insurance reimbursements, to answering questions along the way…and maybe even a gift or two in-between!

Deliver great smiles.

When you show yourself the love, your smile makes the world a more beautiful place. We’re here to help you get a smile that lights up your notifications.

OrthoFX Founders

What Motivates Us

If you want to know OrthoFX, then you have to get to know Ren, Nicole and Henry. They’re three people who really geek out on teeth. Straight teeth to be exact.  They started OrthoFX because they thought the teeth-straightening industry was cheating people out of getting the perfect smile.  Which isn’t right. So they set out to set the industry straight. Literally. They left Invisalign behind to create an experience with YOU at the core of everything they do. 

The most innovative thing your can put in your mouth.

If knowing our aligners are made with the best tech on the industry doesn’t make you smile, then knowing they allow for faster treatment definitely will.

Best Online Teeth Aligners - OrthoFX

Sustainability is something to smile about too.

Sustainability is always on our minds. From recyclable packaging material to the reusable containers we include in our Try It Kits, we’re doing our best to to reduce waste and encourage mindful consumerism. 

Do you have an idea or product that would help bring better sustainability to our products? Send us an email!

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