4 Benefits of Clear Aligners

advantages of clear aligners

OrthoFX clear aligners offer many advantages that traditional braces fail to, the most obvious one being that they are transparent and are more or less, invisible. This means people cannot see that you are trying to straighten your teeth , while braces are obvious and look like metal bars around your teeth. Adults tend to get embarrassed by the sight of braces in their mouth so clear aligners are the best alternative.

Cuts down the time needed to straighten your teeth

Why would you wait a long time for your teeth to be straightened? OrthoFX clear aligners straighten your teeth in a shorter time than braces. This is because clear aligners move all your teeth, while braces move each tooth at a time. This would eventually straighten your teeth and is almost guaranteed to be quicker than its metal counterpart.

Provides better convenience

OrthoFX clear aligners can be removed and placed in a case. This means that there are no consumable restrictions as long as you remove the liners before eating. Being able to remove the trays means that you can easily clean or rinse them offering better hygienic opportunities. They are also way less painful and uncomfortable to wear. So, you can chew your chewing gum and eat your chips without worrying you will damage your braces. Adding to that, you do not have to visit the dentist as much as when you have braces as you can change your trays yourself easily.

Lesser Potential Health Problems

Many braces owners tend to face problems such as deposits of calcium between the gaps of their teeth. This does not occur with OrthoFX clear aligner owners as it is merely plastic. This guarantees that there will be no deposits of any harmful substance on the surface of your teeth. Also, braces might sometimes catch bits of food in between the wiring. Bacteria would feed on these remains and cause tooth decay and gum diseases. Clear aligners do not face these problems as you remove them before eating. Therefore, they are the healthier option.

Impressionless scanning

Braces owners have to go through immense discomfort and pain when they have to get the metal installed. This is because they have to sit in a chair for hours with mouth extenders and putty entangled in their mouth. OrthoFX assures that customers will face a comfortable experience with the 3D scanning used to install specially moulded aligners for your teeth. This means there is hardly any physical interaction needed. This guarantees safety and comfort for the client.