5 Benefits of Teeth Straightening Using Clear Aligners

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If anyone had told you orthodontics could be done without braces in the 90s, you would’ve assumed they’re joking. That’s how much people trusted metal bracket treatment which seemed to be the only option until clear aligners came into mainstream orthodontics in 1999. It was two Stanford university students, Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth, who envisioned clear aligners through the concept of computer aided 3D modeling in 1997 that we see today. They built a company named Align Technology – Invisalign, which later became synonymous with clear aligners that we see today. 

OrthoFX offers similar technology, advanced materials, and a consumer focused affordable format, thereby making clear aligner treatment more accessible to those patients looking to improve their smiles.  But, why should we opt for this fairly new treatment instead of traditional braces which has a 200-year-old legacy? Because OrthoFX clear aligners are…

Nearly Invisible 

Now, who doesn’t want their crooked teeth to be corrected inconspicuously? OrthoFX clear aligners are nearly invisible and therefore they provide a discreet orthodontic treatment. People who have crooked teeth may already lack confidence and hesitate to smile openly; wearing metal braces for a year would perhaps add to that confidence issue. A study conducted recently on teenagers concluded that those who wear clear aligners are much more likely to have a confidence boost than those with braces. Need to say more?


Unlike traditional braces, which are affixed to the teeth, clear aligners are removable. They let you lead a much more normal life than braces which require dedicated care and attention. As they can be removed at your convenience, clear aligners let you eat your meals properly without worrying about food getting stuck in the metal brackets. Chewy and sticky food items are not advised to those wearing braces. On the contrary, clear aligners don’t have diet restrictions with less worry – although it’s very important you brush after every meal.

Easy to maintain  

Keeping your oral hygiene intact, while wearing braces, is not an easy task. That’s why some of us end up with plaque buildup and gum inflammation and potential cavities after orthodontic treatment. OrthoFX clear aligners can be removed at the time of brushing or flossing, helping you to preserve your oral hygiene, even when undergoing treatment.  

More affordable 

It is a misconception that clear aligners are much more expensive than metal braces. . OrthoFX aligners are available starting at  $2950 (it varies according to your condition), which is equal to or less than what a braces treatment would cost you. If you consider the numerous benefits they give, investing in them for an affordable price point is a smart choice improving your smile and lifetime oral health.


OrthoFX clear aligners may take less time to move your teeth into their proper position than braces depending on the particular movement. Unlike the braces, which move with each wire change together, clear aligners provide pressure to a set of teeth and isolate other areas of the arch according to the doctor’s instructions, thereby achieving a speedy result. It reduces unwanted movements. This treatment gives excellent results with minimal discomfort, better aesthetics and great oral hygiene, what more could you ask for?