Are Clear Aligners Bad for Your Teeth?

teeth straightening aligners

Clear aligners are arguably the best option for teeth-straightening. However, do they pose the same gum disease problems as braces? Do they eliminate the potential for tooth problems? It is important to find out the answers to these questions.


Bacteria tends to build up on braces if not flossed and brushed regularly which can cause cavities and other problems. While clear aligners can also have bacteria buildup and can cause the same problems, they can be removed and therefore, can be cleaned easier. This helps to prevent illnesses. However, the plastic in clear aligners does not allow saliva to reach your enamel. This could be problematic because saliva helps to stop cavities and is a natural way of cleaning your teeth by breaking down and washing away food particles stuck on the surface of the enamel. So, the client should remove the trays at least twice a day for better oral hygiene.


Generally, the pain clients face with clear aligners will also occur if braces are used instead as it depends on the fit of the tray to their teeth and gums. Several inconveniences can transpire but all of them can be cured with professional help and assistance. There is a chance of the user-facing high pressure on their gums, which can cause bleeding and gum problems. The most pain you will face from aligner trays are during when they are first fitted and when you must replace your trays every two weeks or so. However, this discomfort is considered more tolerable than the pain braces offer especially since the discomfort lasts only a few days.


The frequent dentist visits braces owners need to attend are notorious for being uncomfortable and painful. OrthoFX clear aligner users do not have to do as many visits and are considerably less painful as it is merely fitting a new plastic tray. These trays can be painful but the pain is usually curable. Clear aligners can be bad for your teeth but the problems that can arise are avoidable if the trays are cleaned and removed regularly.