Are Clear Aligners Better Than Braces?

clear aligner teeth straightening

The long-lasting debate between braces and clear aligners can make potential customers shy away by merely confusing them. The public must be well-versed about the pros and cons of both products so that they can decide which option is best suited. Would you rather go the conventional route or try the modern option that could be significantly better? Are clear aligners objectively the superior option?

Clear aligners are more comfortable

If a client does not feel pleased due to the pain caused by the braces, it is advised they check the alternative option. OrthoFX clear aligners are removable and do not cause any discomfort other than during the initial fitting process. Braces are infamously painful and uncomfortable. Clear aligners do not require as many visits to the dentists either. An aligner tray is one plastic mouthpiece and therefore, there are no chances of painful nicks or cuts on the inside of your mouth. Braces can have malfunctions in the wiring that could hurt the client. These differences show that clear aligners are more comfortable and do not cause any internal issues that could sour the client’s experience. 

The teeth-straightening process takes less time with clear aligners

One of the main reasons why people opt for OrthoFX clear aligners instead of braces is due to the reduced time for teeth-straightening. Why go for the slower, more inconvenient option when you can get a superior choice? This is because the trays move all the teeth at once while braces move one tooth at a time. Clients would have to wait for a lesser time length that allows them to finish this process early and focus on their daily life more readily without worrying about visits to the dentist. 

Invisible and Removable

Perhaps, the most plausible reason to opt for OrthoFX clear aligners is the fact that they are practically invisible on the other hand, braces are unattractive. Due to their almost transparent appearance, people barely notice them while braces are easily distinguishable. The invisibility allows some people to be less conscious about their looks being altered heavily by the presence of metal brackets around the inside of their mouth. They are also removable, which means one can eat whatever type of food they wish without worrying about restrictions.