Are Clear Aligners Faster Than Braces?

teeth straightening treatment

Are clear aligners more efficient than braces? Do they allow the user to finish the teeth-straightening process quicker than with braces, even with fewer inconveniences? Is the price worth the results? These questions are crucial to the argument for clear aligners. Clear aligners seem better but the time taken for the treatment might still be in smoke-and-mirrors for potential customers. Clients must be aware of the timelines.

Does the treatment take longer than with braces?

OrthoFX clear aligner trays offer the same straightening effect as traditional braces but with considerably less time needed to wear. This also depends on the user to follow the right instructions as optimal results only arrive if the trays are used properly. This is due to the aligner moving the whole teeth while braces move each tooth at a time. This force allows the aligners to be more efficient than braces. Customers should ensure they replace their trays every week. Wear them for about 20-22 hours a day and remove them during eating or brushing. Creating the trays takes less time than putting on braces because the technology uses 3D scans to take a model of the inside of your mouth and moulds the plastic tray based on that model. The insertion is also less uncomfortable and less painful.


Every time a customer needs to replace their tray, OrthoFX will offer a brand-new tray based on the impressions made. Clients do not have to face as many visits to the dentist as they do with braces. These procedures allow the customer to spare more time for their daily activities without having to change their busy schedules. Not to mention, braces may break and cause injuries while clear aligners are completely safe. They may need to be repaired and the client’s injuries would have to be taken care of. This increases costs and eventually inflates the time taken for teeth-straightening. OrthoFX clear aligners are merely made of plastic and do not cause any problems if there are any malfunctions. Not to mention, they can easily be replaced.