Are Clear Aligners Noticeable?

transparent teeth aligners
Braces are infamously unattractive. So, clear aligners are the modern solution to that irritating problem that the public has been struggling with for years. The age-old query about clear aligners is, are they invisible? Are they worth switching to, due to their so-called unnoticeable nature? The need for clearing the doubts about clear aligners and their noticeability is ever-growing due to their rapid growth in the orthodontics market and rising public interest levels.

Do they stand out like braces?

The simple answer is yes, they are nearly invisible especially compared to the likes of braces. OrthoFX clear aligners are made of clear, flexible plastic that is difficult to see when worn. Transparent plastic is more elusive than braces. While braces stand out heavily with their metal jail-like appearance, OrthoFX clear aligners provide none of the unattractive, jarring impression of braces. This allows them to be more suitable for clients with professions such as modelling, acting, etc. The fact that they can even be removed only provides more reason to switch to OrthoFX clear aligners. Clear aligners offer the same effect as braces while being inconspicuous and removable.

Is it advisable to go for clear aligners for discreet treatment?

If suitable to your budget, OrthoFX clear aligners can offer you the same treatment as braces but with an assurance that your outside appearance would not be altered drastically. Unless the onlooker has experience with clear aligners, it is extremely difficult to notice that a person is using them. You should understand that they are not completely invisible, especially if you stand in direct sunlight.

Keeping them clean and clear

The client should keep OrthoFX clear aligners clean as their air of invisibility disappears if they are yellowed by plaque or bacteria buildup. They can be cleaned by soaking them in water every day. After this, rinse them with a brush. This ensures they are kept spotless and clear as day which means the clients can properly obtain what they opted for. Otherwise, they would be easily seen and would not be that different from braces.