Are Clear Aligners Worth It?

clear aligners for teeth
Straightening crooked or misaligned teeth is not restricted to cosmetic needs only. The problem is far more deep-rooted and linked to your oral health and overall well-being. Improper teeth alignment can lead to bite issues, difficulty while chewing and speaking, and cause severe damage to your oral health. Now, thanks to advancements in orthodontics, realigning your teeth is no more a life-altering troublesome process.
If you plan to straighten your smile, then you must have already thought of clear aligners as an option. But if you are still in two minds on whether the treatment will be worth it or not, the following points will clear your doubts.

Clear aligners are invisible

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners are almost invisible to the naked eye. The aligners are molds made from transparent plastic that slips onto your teeth for a perfect fit. Wearing clear aligners barely makes any difference to your social life as no one gets a glimpse of the ongoing treatment due to the invisibility of the aligners.

Clear aligners are removable

One of the biggest advantages of wearing clear aligners for a perfect smile is that the plastic trays are easily removable. You can (and must) take them out before every meal and put them back once you have finished eating. You do not have to bother about food getting stuck in the wires and brackets like in metal braces or go for dietary changes.

Clear aligners offer better oral hygiene 

Since they can be easily removed, maintaining daily oral hygiene becomes much easier with clear aligners. You don’t have to navigate through a network of wires to brush or floss. The overall dental health stays in check while minimising the chances of tooth decay, plaque, or gum diseases.

Clear aligners are comfortable

Choosing clear aligners for teeth-straightening would be a wise decision as they are extremely comfortable to wear. With no wires and metal brackets, the inner lining mouth gets saved from unnecessary pricks and pains.

Clear aligners are efficient

Clear aligners gradually push the misaligned teeth to their desired position. The aligners start working soon after wearing them and are known to be highly efficient in straightening misaligned or crooked teeth in much less time. The advantages of wearing clear aligners outnumber the disadvantages. With so many benefits of using clear aligners to correct your teeth and smile, the price paid for the treatment, even if a little on the higher side, makes it worth every penny. If you are still wondering whether clear aligners are worth it or not, get in touch with an orthodontist to know more about the process in detail.