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Benefits of Orthofx Clear Aligners Vs Others

teeth straightening brand

Teeth-straightening with the help of clear aligners is known to be effective and efficient. Besides helping you get a beautiful smile, it has several advantages — invisibility, ease of use, removability. While quite a few brands offer clear aligners (Invisalign and other mail order brands are key competitors), OrthoFX stands out due to some of its unique offerings. With the belief that a great smile makes one feel beautiful and confident, OrthoFX is set on a mission to make it easier for people to smile. Clearly, the benefits of OrthoFX clear aligners outweigh those offered by others.

Treatment Speed

OrthoFX offers teeth-straightening solutions via a combination of in-person doctor care and online delivery of clear aligners. The aligners are shipped within five to 10 days of your first face-to-face doctor consultation and choosing of a treatment plan. Other brands offering online delivery of aligners are not as prompt and sometimes take five to eight weeks to deliver. While most other clear aligners are supposed to be worn for at least a fortnight, each set of OrthoFX aligners are meant for one week only.

Treatment Cost

Expenses play a key role in teeth-straightening treatment. Widely known as expensive, the decision of choosing clear aligners largely depends on the cost factor. OrthoFX wins on multiple levels on this compared to its competitors. Some of the major differentiating factors of OrthoFX are: 

  • Upfront costs with no hidden fees
  • Easy, online financing platform — FXPay
  • Availability of easy cash financing promotion (0% interest)
  • Affordable monthly payment plans
  • Dedicated US-based insurance support
  • Insurance coverage deducted from treatment cost

While affordable packages and insurance coverage are sometimes provided by other brands as well, it is mostly left to the doctor’s discretion when it comes to providing insurance support.


OrthoFX clear aligners are made from proprietary FXTetra polymer that is painless and comfortable. Made from the latest US-based 3D printing and manufacturing technologies, the aligners can be used by both adults and teenagers. Once the treatment ends, you can subscribe to patented retainers with whitening properties. The products come with a guarantee and the promise of unlimited refinement options. Last but not the least, you can always go for a trial before buying OrthoFX clear aligners. Most of these flexibilities, barring a couple, are not available with other brands (even the popular ones).

Treatment Experience

Your smile journey has to be smooth and that is exactly what OrthoFX offers. From in-person doctor care and highly advanced sensor-based remote monitoring (via FXOnTrack) to US-based customer support, OrthoFX endeavors to provide you a premium experience. The high-end care delivery locations are add-ons. 

OrthoFX provides doctor-delivered solutions to crooked and misaligned teeth. The use of smart technologies and focus on making the customer smile make them different from other brands. To know more about OrthoFX clear aligners, book an appointment with your orthodontist.   

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