Do Orthodontists Suggest Clear Aligners?

invisible teeth braces
Orthodontics, for the last 200 years, have been dominated by the existence of braces as the single, best way to straighten teeth. However, through the relatively recent introduction of clear aligners, a brand-new, seemingly better teeth-straightening method has managed to turn a portion of the public’s heads away from the same old, uncomfortable metal contraption.
Braces are slowly becoming a dying breed due to the dawning presence of clear aligners. Do orthodontists recommend clear aligners as an alternative to braces? Are they a healthy addition to the market?

Is it worth it to opt for clear aligner trays rather than braces?

Orthodontists do support clear aligners as they perform the same task as braces but in a more comfortable, invisible manner. While there might be arguments that clear aligners might cause gum diseases and such, the same can be said about braces. It is merely a matter of keeping the trays clean and proper without damaging them. It is also important to remove them often for meals. The only real disadvantage of clear aligners is their price-tag. It is more expensive to opt for clear aligners rather than braces. However, the price could be excused as OrthoFX clear aligners are fundamentally more efficient and effective compared to braces. Experts would only recommend clear aligners rather than braces if the client has the financial means to pay for the price gap.

Cost of clear aligners vs. braces

Orthodontists will not find any other reason to not recommend clear aligners other than the cost. They will suggest clear aligners as they are the better choice overall. Orthodontists would hope for their patients to obtain the best treatment possible with the lowest amount of discomfort possible and this can be achieved by recommending the best alternative to braces. OrthoFX clear aligners are recommended by experts and are perfect if you wish to switch to or start using clear aligners. The treatment will be suitable for a larger audience due to its benefits that seemingly outshine the negatives. All these positives cause most of the orthodontists to recommend and be excited for clear aligners as a future dominating force in the orthodontics industry.