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good oral health

How Clear Aligners Improve Oral Health

good oral health

While the obvious aesthetic benefits of having straight teeth and a confident smile from a large part of straightening teeth, it does have a major impact on your dental health too. As your orthodontist will tell you, a healthy mouth and a perfect smile go hand-in-hand. This is more so the case when you go with clear aligners for straightening your teeth.

The traditional steel braces, while being effective in aligning problematic teeth, does create an issue with maintaining dental hygiene. This is because it is difficult to brush or floss teeth in-between the brackets and wires. However, with advancing technology, you now have the option of clear aligner trays. Appearing almost invisible, clear aligners are made of special plastic and are easily removable when it’s time to eat or drink. They not only create the perfect smile, but also reduce your chances of developing gum diseases, bad breath and tooth decay. Here’s a look at how clear aligners improve oral health:

Healthier Gums

Gum inflammation is a common sight in those using traditional metal braces as proper cleaning becomes a challenge. It further magnifies dental issues in those already having crooked, misaligned teeth. Such problems don’t arise in those with clear aligners as these appliances can be easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. As the aligner trays fit snugly around the teeth, gum problems are minimal.

Healthier Teeth

Tooth decay usually occur due to bacterial growth and plaque formation. Unlike fixed traditional braces, where maintaining dental hygiene is a constant battle, you have greater freedom with clear aligners. These thin plastic trays can be easily removed for proper brushing and flossing after each meal. With clear aligners, you reduce chances of oral infections which have been linked to serious issues such as strokes, and heart and lung diseases.

Greater Comfort

Misaligned teeth create unnecessary pressure and pain on the supporting bone structure and the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) jaw joints of the mouth. Getting your teeth straightened using clear aligners is the best way to become discomfort-free as it uses gentle pressure to position teeth.

Improved Speech and Chewing

Misaligned teeth are known to make chewing a chore in some people and even lead to speech difficulties in exceptional cases. Using traditional metal braces in such a scenario would create further difficulties. A better option are the removable thin plastic aligners. While it takes 2-3 days to get used to these custom-made braces, rest assured that your chewing and speech difficulties will subside comfortably with clear aligners.

With over two dozen brands of clear aligners for you to choose from, the OrthoFX stands out as it gives excellent results in shorter periods of time. This is by virtue of their unique triple-layered, dual-shelled design. Ready to give clear aligners a try?



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