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How do I know if I need braces?

‘Do I need braces, doctor?’  – a question nearly as routine as routine dental check-ups. Here are six telltale signs dentists look for before making an assessment. 

1) Overcrowding/irregular teeth

The condition where some teeth sit higher than others or are pushed behind or ahead of other teeth. This makes teeth look crooked. It’s caused by the irregularity in alignment of permanent teeth that grow back after the milk teeth fall out. Teeth overcrowding is often addressed in the teens to fix the appearance of the smile.  But, there are other reasons why overcrowding teeth must not be ignored. Irregular teeth cause abnormal bite patterns or malocclusion. Which can make you cavity prone. Which if left ignored could  require painful root-canal treatments. Good news! Today we have simple, quick and safe ways to fix overcrowding teeth without interfering with your social lifestyle. 

2) Gaps and spaces

In some cases, people have irregular gaps and spaces between their teeth. In some cultures this gap is seen as a mark of good luck. Sadly it’s not a very good sign for your oral hygiene maintenance. These gaps act as a trap for food to get stuck and left unattended for periods of time enough to lead to gum disease and tooth decay.Fortunately, we have convenient, fast and safe ways to fix this and give you that disarming smile!

3) Bite alignment 

How the upper and lower teeth align when you bring them together in a bite can have a big impact on teeth healthcare. An open bite occurs when the back teeth are together but the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap. An underbite is when the lower jaw sits in front of the upper jaw. When upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth it is known as a crossbite. If you feel your bite needs fixing, it’s best to have it cleared by a dentist who can also recommend the best teeth aligners for you.

4) Persistent pain in the jaw

Unlike the above-mentioned cases, not all orthodontic issues are visible. Watch out for prolonged gum or jaw pain. You may be suffering from a serious bite issue which if left untreated could result in long drawn issues. Fortunately, it is diagnosable and treatable. Make an appointment with your orthodontist for a detailed treatment plan. 

5) Speech Issues

Did you know that lack of clarity of speech is sometimes the result of not well-aligned teeth? This makes it all the more important to keep an eye out if your children lisp or complain of gum pains. A timely visit to the orthodontist is key. 

6) Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath could be a sign of a deeper underlying problem.  If you have been brushing and flossing but still unable to get rid of bad breath, make sure you schedule a visit to the orthodontist. It’s probably just a deep cavity that a root canal treatment could fix. But the root of the issue may lie in teeth alignment. 

A visit to the dentist involves a thorough check-up of the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. It is crucial to get informed assessment and guidance on treatment that you can safely trust. Each case is unique and needs specialised care. At OrthoFX we have experienced and licensed doctors that will provide a complimentary consultation and advise you on the best treatment path towards a beautiful smile.

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