How Long Does it Take for Clear Aligners to Work?

teeth alignment

There was a time when most people presumed that there’s no better way to get your teeth straightened than getting braces until clear aligners came along. They changed the landscape of orthodontics for the better since then. Not only are we getting our teeth straightened without the whole world knowing about it but also in a considerably lesser time. With OrthoFX making the whole process a cakewalk with cutting-edge technology and seamless customer service, the time taken to straighten the teeth may seem even lesser. But exactly how long do you need to wear OrthoFX clear aligners to get those perfectly aligned gorgeous teeth? Let’s discover!

Complex the procedure the longer it takes

The length of the treatment is completely dependent on how complex your condition is. If your teeth just require simple repositioning then your treatment can be done within 6 months. But in some cases, the treatment may even lag up to two years. The clear aligner treatment requires you to change your aligners weekly, they move your teeth in small increments. So, by the time your treatment is completed, you will have a beautiful smile that you’ll love with aligned teeth.

Don’t fall for fake promises

If a clear aligner brand promises you a beautiful smile within 6 months without actually analysing your teeth, it is bluffing. The treatment method can only be decided and designed after diagnosing the complexity of your condition. That’s why OrthoFX ties up with the crème de la crème of the industry to bring you world-class services. We have collaborated with the country’s best orthodontists, who will handhold you through the whole process and keep you in the loop always. So let’s say, the average time it will take for the clear aligner treatment to work could be about 12 months. But unlike braces, the change is easily visible with clear aligners. Every time you change your aligners, you may see the shift in your teeth alignment, however small it may be. It is easily visible within 4-6 weeks of the treatment. But the result may also depend on the complexity of your condition. So it’s best not to compare your teeth with a friend who is undergoing the same treatment.

Follow the instructions for quicker results

For the clear aligner treatment to work, you need to go by the book. Although clear aligners are fashioned as removable accessories, they need to be on the teeth for them to do their job. So ensure that you wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day. The lesser amount of time they stay on your teeth, the longer it takes to see the results. So you must commit to wearing the aligners as long as possible to get the desired outcome.