How to Clean and Maintain Your Clear Aligners

cleaning of your clear aligners

Many of us assume that since each clear aligner tray needs to be disposed of after one or two weeks, it doesn’t require cleaning. But just like every accessory that you wear, clear aligners also need cleaning. Here are some easy methods to clean and maintain your OrthoFX clear aligners. 

Clean them with care

We must keep our OrthoFX clear aligners clean as there are chances of discolouration, odor and bacteria build up that could ruin the transparency of the aligners and cause teeth decay. So make it a habit to keep your clear aligners clean and clear. Every night, religiously follow up brushing with a thorough cleaning of your clear aligners by rinsing it underwater. After rinsing, using an antibacterial liquid soap and soft-bristled brush clean the aligner well to remove debris and plaque accumulated during the day. You can also use effervescent tablets to clean. Store in a protective case whenever they aren’t in use. It’s a best practice to soak your OrthoFX clear aligners in a denture cleaner before cleaning them. Once the soaking is done you can clean it up with a toothbrush.

When should we clean them?

Before going to bed make it a habit to clean your clear aligners along with your brushing and flossing routine. This process helps you to avoid food particles, debris and bacteria to build up in your aligner. Clean the aligners when they appear to be dirty due to a variety of reasons. Ensure that you remove your aligners before eating and drinking to avoid discolouration and other complications. Always make sure to rinse your aligner before putting it on. 

Avoid harmful substances when cleaning

Any cleaning solution that contains alcohol or harmful chemicals is a complete no-no. Hence, it’s best to avoid using denture cleaners, mouthwashes, scented soaps and toothpaste to clean your OrthoFX clear aligners. Cleansing soaps that have added dyes are also harmful to your aligners as they can cause staining. Always make sure to use a brush with soft bristles when you are cleaning. 

Best methods to care for your aligners

Following certain best practices will help keep your aligners clean and bacteria-free. Food particles may get stuck in your aligners so always take them out before eating. Do not drink anything other than water when you are wearing your aligners to avoid staining or damaging them. Also, refrain from using extremely hot water to clean the trays. Keep your aligners stored in an airtight container and this will ensure that you don’t lose them. Following these simple practices will keep your aligners and teeth clean.