Is There an Age for Using Clear Aligners?

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Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners has emerged as the one the most sought-after alternatives to metal braces. Advanced diagnosis, better product quality and ease of use have added to its popularity. However, there are a number of theories on what is the right age for using clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth. Let us break down the different age groups to find out what age is best.

Young children

Ideally, clear aligners are not reccomended for young children (generally under the age of 10). The ideal age to begin orthodontic treatment for children is when they have lost all their baby deciduous teeth (commonly known as baby teeth) and their adult teeth have started erupting through the gums. However, under the guidance of an orthodontist, future phase 2 treatment with clear aligners can help older children, as well. Phase one treatment can help in the correction of pre-existing bite problems, straighten teeth and assist in getting rid of unhygienic habits such as thumb sucking. The treatment is often considered as a foundation for effective orthodontic procedures later in adult life.


Although every child has their own timeline for growth, most develop a fully formed adult jawline by the time they hit their teens – approximately age 12-14. So it can be safely said that once majority of their permanent teeth have erupted through the gum, orthodontic treatment through clear aligners can be initiated and a great option for teens. At this pre-adult stage, the teeth respond well to gentle force movement caused by the aligners and achieving the tooth’s ideal position becomes easier. As an added advantage, wearing clear aligners around this time helps with self confidence as their smile improves, and oral hygiene is much better as it’s easier to brush and floss vs. braces. However, teenagers usually tend to skip routines and clear aligners yield best results if worn for at least 22 hours a day. So maintaining discipline and consistency is important for clear aligners to work. More and more parents are choosing clear aligner treatment with OrthoFX for their teens.


There is no age limit for smile correction for adults. From those in their 20s to even senior citizens, anyone can choose to undergo orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. The time taken for the desired results could vary, with younger teens and adults possibly achieving results faster than older adults. But don’t let that stop you, it’s still a very efficient and safe option for treatment. The many advantages of clear aligners make it the most preferred choice for adults. Aesthetics, easy removal for eating, brushing + flossing and minimal discomfort are some key benefits. Easy maintenance and no lifestyle or dietary changes make clear aligners a feasible option for adults, as well.

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners depends on a number of factors such as complexity of the issue, other underlying dental problems, bone density of the jawline, etc. The above information gives an idea of how it works for different age groups, but only an expert orthodontist or dentist is qualified to guide you on the best treatment option.