Switching from Braces to Clear Aligners - What to Expect?

clear aligners braces

If braces were the initial solution to your straightening problem, you would know that they are not comfortable and have many inconveniences. There are many reasons to switch to OrthoFX clear aligners from braces and while the transition might be unnatural at first, it will surely be worth the trouble. If you are planning to switch to OrthoFX clear aligners for the rest of your straightening journey, there are some factors you should take note of and get used to.


While braces are certainly not cheap, the technology of clear aligners is relatively new and therefore not as available. This means they cost a pretty penny. If you have already finished most of your braces straightening time, it is not recommended to switch to clear aligners. However, if you have just started and the braces are uncomfortable and you can afford it, it is highly suggested you go for the less painful, invisible, and removable option.


Both braces and clear aligners cause some sort of discomfort in the first few days of installing them. However, braces are painful for the first week or so while clear aligners merely cause an effect of irritation for the most part. The process of moulding and fitting clear aligners is less uncomfortable too, compared to braces. 3D scans are used to mould the aligner and then it is just a matter of placing it into your mouth. Braces can be jarring as you do notice the metal wires entangled inside your mouth, while clear aligners are not as problematic. 


Braces are not removable without professional assistance and hence, it follows up with some food restrictions such as no chewing gum, chips, etc. Bacteria might also get stuck between the wiring and cause gum diseases. OrthoFX clear aligners do not restrict users from consuming certain foods, as they can be removed and placed in a clean, safe case. Because they are removable, they can be easily cleaned and rinsed to prevent bacteria buildup.


Generally, the main reason people prefer clear aligners is that they are invisible while braces are very apparent. For many people, braces are seen as unattractive and might build up insecurity about their teeth. Clear aligners look natural and look the same as not having them on at all. They do the same job but in a way that does not discomfort the wearer. If you had a problem with the visual of the braces, OrthoFX clear aligners solve all your worries.


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