The Importance of Visiting an Orthodontist for Clear Aligners

orthodontist visit
Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with teeth-straightening, correcting bite issues, and perfecting your smile. If you plan to get your misaligned teeth straightened, an orthodontist, who has studied an additional number of years to specialize in this subject, should be your go-to person.

At the start of the treatment 

Now, when it comes to clear aligners, the ideal way to go about the treatment would be to visit an orthodontist and get your teeth alignment evaluated through 3D scans, x-rays, images, etc. Once the orthodontist diagnoses your problem, he/she arrives at a treatment plan based on its complexity. It is pertinent to note here that only an orthodontist is trained and equipped to conduct these tests and scans. Some people often tend to avoid orthodontists and prefer to visit their regular dentists. While your dentist is the right person to treat multiple oral issues such as regular cleaning of teeth, gum diseases, and tooth decay, he/she does not have the expertise to correct teeth alignment.

Treatment follow-up

While undergoing clear aligner treatment, it is important that an orthodontist closely supervises the progress. Based on the treatment plan and severity of the case, he/she suggests how often you would need to visit. Generally scheduled once every six to eight weeks, these visits are meant to monitor the treatment progress, check the functioning of the aligners, and assess whether there’s a need for change in the fit of the aligners. He/she also addresses any other issues that you might be facing. OrthoFX offers a highly advanced sensor-based remote monitoring system that tracks the treatment progress in real-time, and you need to visit the orthodontist only if it is necessary.

DIY clear aligners vs in-person visits

In recent times, DIY clear aligners have gained popularity due to easy availability and hassle-free treatment procedure. In this case, you have to take the teeth impression by yourself and ship it to the provider, who then gets it evaluated by in-house orthodontists and mails the aligners. Despite the convenience, when it comes to your teeth and the shape of the face, it is not ideal to trust a virtual model. Unless the orthodontist gets to see your problem in person, his/her evaluation will remain half-baked, and the treatment might not yield results. Any discrepancy in the fit of the aligners will not straighten the teeth as desired. Visiting an orthodontist in person to get straight teeth is a must as it is about getting a beautiful smile, and the process has an impact on the shape of the face. Unless an orthodontist gets to see it in real-time, the treatment will remain hypothetical.