Things to Consider When Buying Clear Aligners Online

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Making the decision to proceed with orthodontic treatment is an investment in yourself and oral health. Properly aligning your teeth with a dental expert should have lifetime benefits, not only aesthetically, but also preservation of your tooth structure. You may find yourself regaining that long lost confidence. But, in your urgency to get a beautiful smile, you may resort to easier and faster methods that are available online without consulting your dentist and/or orthodontist. Safety should be first with a dental expert. Getting over-the-counter or online clear aligners without an orthodontist’s approval can cost your dental health. To be fair, DIY methods may work well for a variety of things like cooking, carpentry and painting, but you should consider leaving orthodontics to the experts. Here are the proper ways research aligner options specially designed for you and your condition.  

Regular Dental check-ups are still important

Most of us like to skip this step as it seems a lot easier to just do the teeth impression on the putty and get the treatment delivered to our steps. But isn’t it important to understand how serious your condition is and whether you need treatment at all? One of the reasons why OrthoFX includes a complimentary consultation before the treatment. OrthoFX offers in-person consultation with licensed dentists and orthodontists before beginning clear aligner  treatment. During these exams, dentists may uncover dental issues that need to be addressed before starting the clear aligner treatment. An orthodontist will also be able to advise you on the best treatment option available for you. 

Try it before you buy it

Okay, this may seem too far-fetched but not really, trust us. OrthoFX gives you the option of trying the feel of aligners before investing in them. The Try-It-Kit provided by OrthoFX helps you to understand what it feels like to undergo a clear aligner treatment and includes whitening. It is not just a try-it kit but also a whitening tray. A try-it option is a great first step to see if clear aligner treatment is right for you, and whiten your smile. 

3D scan for your treatment plan

Personalized clear aligner orthodontic treatment requires you to do proper scanning of your teeth, or accurate impression. Doctors, offering OrthoFX, use 3D scanning technology to create custom-made clear aligners that fit the patients’ teeth perfectly. They also may offer an in-office PVS impression, or a new, innovative at home impression kit from OrthoFX. No mixing 2 part putties and hoping you got it right, it’s almost error free. Best part, made with a next-generation polymer, FXTetra, the OrthoFX aligners are comfortable, stain-resistant and discreet. 

Payment options and Cost-effectiveness

When it comes to your teeth, you cannot compromise on quality. But, not all of us can afford treatments that require you to pay $5000 all at once. Much more affordable in comparison to other such popular brands, OrthoFX treatments start at $2,950 and go up to $4950 based on the complexity of your treatment. OrthoFX also has financing options – monthly payments as low as $85. Not many companies that provide clear aligner services online offer a refund if you are not happy with your purchase. That’s where OrthoFX stands apart. We offer a pro-rated refund if you are not happy with your treatment.