Tips for Keeping Your Clear Aligners Clean

clear aligners clean
OrthoFX clear aligners aim to provide a pleasant experience for their customers. However,  to ensure their effectiveness, the users must take good care of aligners by keeping them clean and safe. While clear aligners need replacing every week, they require to be cleaned or rinsed within that time range. These are some ways to ensure that your clear aligners are clean and safe to place in your mouth.

Clean your clear aligners daily

Keeping your clear aligners clean is mandatory as they could face problems that would sour your experience with the aligners. Your aligners could build up an unsatisfactory odor and you might have to deal with bacteria buildup which leads to a change in color. Make sure that whenever you remove your clear aligners, you rinse them thoroughly. This ensures that harmful plaque does not build up on the trays which could harm your teeth when worn. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush (not the same as the brush you use for your teeth) and antibacterial soap. These will allow any stuck food particles to be removed easily and make your aligners look fresh and clear.

Do not keep your aligners out in the open

Making sure your aligners do not get affected by germs in the open is necessary as it could distress the aligners and cause them to disfigure, therefore obscuring their purpose. When removed, you must store the clear aligners in their respective case. This prevents any unnecessary bacteria from building upon the surface of the clear aligners. Leaving them out in the open would make the aligners murky and could be harmful if worn. It might also cause bad breath.

Do not wear your OrthoFX aligners while consuming food or drinks

Food, such as soft drinks, tend to have coloring agents that could change the transparency of the aligners. Your aligners must be removed before you munch down on your tasty meals; this is because the transparency of your trays would be tarnished, and they are also not built for the pressure of eating. Mere water is the only consumable item your aligners should meet.

Do not use scented or colored soaps to clean your aligners  

Any colored items should be kept away from your clear aligners. This includes soft drinks, food coloring and colored soaps. Using colored soaps would cause discoloration and could damage the aligners. At that point, your “clear” aligners would not be that “clear” anymore. They also offer a displeasing taste that would make it difficult for you to place in your mouth for extended periods.