Why Clear Aligners Are a Great Option

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They say “It only takes a smile to win the world”. And, straight teeth are the foundation of a great smile. However, sometimes contributing factors such as genetics, bad childhood habits, injury, etc. — can cause teens and adults to deal with crooked and misaligned teeth. But thanks to orthodontics and advancements in technology, achieving a beautiful smile is no more a distant dream. Among the various teeth-straightening procedures, the use of clear aligners has become a popular choice around the world. Clear aligners offer several benefits that make them a perfect option for many adults and teens.

Nearly Invisible

Smiling with Traditional metal braces shares a glimpse of your ongoing treatment with the network of wires and brackets. However, the story is a bit different with clear aligners. They are removable trays made from transparent plastic that fits onto your teeth like a glove and are almost invisible to the naked eye. For example, OrthoFX clear aligners are manufactured in a way that its surface has a high level of adaptation to the teeth. This means they are almost hard to detect – almost no one can see them when you wear them. 


Unlike wearing metal braces where one has to be mindful about certain foods or use special tools for brushing or flossing, it is much easier to deal with clear aligners. You do not need to look for a special diet to avoid food getting stuck in the aligners. Eat almost anything you feel like; just remove the aligners before doing so. Similarly, for brushing and flossing, take out the aligners before and after and your done! It’s important to remember to clean your clear aligners every time you remove them before reinserting.


Metal braces are made from metal (wires and brackets) that may gums. Clear aligners are made from quality plastic/polymers and can be worn with the minimal discomfort. In fact, OrthoFX clear aligners have three layers of material making them comfortable to wear with some flexible properties.

Faster result? Sometimes…

In some cases, clear aligners work faster than other orthodontic appliances. This is dependent on the type of case and if there are other mechanics needed to complete treatment, for example a significant bite correction may need elastics and buttons.  Your doctor will be the best judge of your treatment time. Clear aligners have to be ideally worn for 20-22 hours a day for best results and each set of aligners is replaced by a new set every week. Basically,  new movements are addressed by new aligners every 7 days. A tooth, or group of teeth (depends)starts moving from Day 1 and the results may be visible pretty early on in the treatment. Treating teeth misalignment with clear aligners on average takes anywhere between 3 months to 12-18 months for the more difficult cases, total treatment time is dependent on the complexity of the problem. 

If you are looking for a treatment to get a great smile that may be faster, easier, and doesn’t alter your lifestyle, then  OrthoFX clear aligners are the ideal choice. But for more clarity on whether they are suitable for your dental issue, a dentist or orthodontist is an expert you should consult with first, leave your smile to an in-person expert.