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best clear aligners

Why OrthoFX Is People’s Favourite Brand of Clear Aligners?

best clear aligners

The concept of the first impression could be a myth, but who doesn’t know that a beautiful smile never fails to make an impact. The moment you decide to get OrthoFX clear aligners you are signing up for a gorgeous smile that will not only give you a boost of confidence but also well-deserved attention. But why OrthoFX? With the sudden mushrooming of clear aligner brands in the market, this question is quite relevant. We’ll tell you why.

Responsible and reliable 

OrthoFX is a brand that does what it preaches. It takes complete responsibility for your teeth from the time you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment with OrthoFX clear aligners. Unlike similar brands that are easily available online, OrthoFX conducts an orthodontist’s examination which makes you undergo – doctor’s evaluation and teeth scan. You will thereafter be presented with a 3D treatment plan. No, we don’t take your teeth for granted!

The best technology

OrthoFX clear aligners use cutting-edge technology and hence, they are made with the advanced polymers. So, with OrthoFX you are getting your money’s worth! We follow a system that lets you have your aligners shipped to your doorsteps. All you are expected to do from then is to wear them exactly as per the instructions given along with the aligners. 

Personalized scheduler for your dental needs

If you thought it cannot be any better, you are in for a surprise. OrthoFX provides you with software that closely monitors your progress or your smile journey. It even helps you schedule in-person or remote visits of your orthodontist. So with OrthoFX, you are getting round-the-clock care. Do you still wonder why our customers swear by our personalized service?

“Pain and hassle-free system”

“Love how simple and pain-free this system is!,” says Amy L about OrthoFX. This customer testimonial says it all. With OrthoFX you are signing up for an orthodontic experience that requires much less maintenance or care than braces. OrthoFX aligners are invisible, comfortable, give quick results and are pain-free in most cases. They are the best method to get your teeth straightened and your bite corrected, there’s no doubt. 

Specially designed post-treatment care

Once a customer, always a customer. That’s why we provide you with a retainer that will keep your straightened teeth intact, even after the treatment’s over. These retainers help to keep your teeth from shifting back while whitening them. What more do you need?

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Your doctor will advice on the best treatment option for you. We support mild to comprehensive treatment complexities

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Your doctor will advise on the best treatment option for you.We support mild to comprehensive treatment complexities


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