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Everyone wants a great smile. And a great smile starts with straight teeth. But often metal braces aren’t the look you’re going for. In fact, many adults had metal braces as kids, and didn’t wear the retainers. Their teeth have now moved and they’re looking for ways to get their best smile back. OrthoFX orthodontic clear aligner treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for. Our pricing starts at $2,950 with monthly payments as low as $85/mo. No hidden fees. No fine print. 

Absolutely! OrthoFX has in-person care with a dentist or orthodontist. If your plan includes orthodontic coverage, our concierge team will help you research your benefits for maximum savings.  Just contact us at 415-936-0006 M-F 9am-5pm. One of our specialists will ask a few simple questions and help verify benefits and next steps.  We can also answer any questions about applying HSA and FSA plans. Live chat also available to learn more or email us at

We have partnered with a reputable 3rd party financial institution to offer a fast, easy, and affordable online application process.   

  • They offer wide range of plans and promotions to ensure you (the patient) has the right financing to meet your budget.
  • High credit lines and extended-term plans can make it possible to easily afford your best smile.
  • An easy, fast and secure application/credit decision process protects patient data, reduces stress, and saves time.

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