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Tabitha D

After the first 15 weeks you can definitely see the progress the aligners have been making with the overbite and crooked teeth. Looking forward to the next set.

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Jan M.

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to have a nice smile and a healthy bite. Having your dentist oversee everything adds to the undertaking. Thanks, OrthoFX for my new smile.

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Marguerite M.

My experience with OrthoFX has been great. The customer care is so kind, and I’ve loved the results. It is so much less painful than braces, and the ability to make adjustments at the end of the process and having all appointments included are game changers.

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Concerned about COVID-19? With our touchless option, you can get started with your treatment right from your home.

Certified Local Dentists

Connect online with certified dentists in your area to get personalized recommendations on your treatment. Office visits are included at no extra charge, should you need it.


A Path to a Great Smile

No hidden fee, no extra charges. Just an online yet personalized experience to help you get a smile upgrade

How our treatment works?

Follow our Smile Journey to learn exactly what it will be like to go through an aligner treatment with OrthoFX.

1/ Meet doctor

2/ Start treatment

3/ Hybrid check up

4/ Final smile

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My patients love OrthoFX!

What OrthoFX has provided, is that value for the patient, that they can appreciate. It’s easy for the doctors to be able to get patients into the practice and be excited about this new platform. The cost is very palatable for the patient.

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