Steps for How to Take the Perfect Check-In Photos

The FXOnTrack app makes check-in’s with your doctor easy. The key to getting an accurate read of your check-in from home or on the go is by submitting a great picture. With the cheek retractor tool we provided, you’ll be able the get the perfect shot we’re looking for!

Cheek retractors may take 3-7 days to arrive from the time your doctor enrolls you into FXOnTrack. Please wait for the cheek retractors to arrive before you proceed with the steps below.

Continue reading below for examples of pictures we’re looking for.

  1. Use your cheek retractor and fit it in your mouth like the picture below. You should be looking like you’re giving the biggest smile you’ve ever given!
Smile Aligner - OrthoFX
  1. Open up your FXOnTrack App and go to the check-in page! Once you’re there, click the camera button to lead you into “camera mode.” In camera mode, align your teeth with the teeth in the frame.
  2. For best results have someone take the picture for you, or use a mirror to take your picture, with the camera pointed toward your teeth. Make sure you have great lighting and a steady hold of the camera—no blurry shots, please!


Use a mirror to take your picture with the camera pointed toward your teeth:

Teeth Aligner - OrthoFX
teeth aligner
  1. Then go ahead and submit the photos!

Front Bite

Capture the front of your teeth while biting down.

Good Photo
Bad Photo: Teeth are not biting down
Bad Photo: Standing too far, teeth are not visible
smile aligner
Bad Photo: Head tilted down, and the photo is blurry
clear teeth
Bad Photo: Head tilted back, teeth not biting down
teeth not biting down - clear aligners
Bad Photo: Tongue is covering the teeth
clear aligner treatment - OrthoFX

Upper Teeth

Open wide, lean your head back and capture your upper teeth. Make sure we can clearly see your teeth all the way in the back too. The camera angle is key!

Good Photo
upper teeth aligner
Bad Photo: Mouth needs to be more open
clear teeth aligners
Bad Photo: Image is too dark
clear aligners for upper teeth

Lower Teeth

Open wide. Tilt your head down and capture your lower teeth. Make sure we capture all your teeth, even the last ones in the back! We should be seeing the top of your bottom teeth in this shot. Make sure your tongue and lips are out of the way so we can fully see your teeth!

Good Photo
clear aligner treatment
Bad Photo: Image is blurry
OrthoFX clear aligner treatment
Bad Photo: Tongue is covering the teeth
orthodontic aligners

Photos With Aligners On

Put your aligners on and capture the front of your teeth without teeth biting down.

Good Photo
best clear aligners - OrthoFX
Bad Photo: Teeth biting down
best teeth straightening aligners - OrthoFX

Right & Left Side

With your aligners still on, capture the right and the left side of your teeth without biting down.  Make sure your photo captures all the way to the back of your mouth for both your right and left side pictures.

Good Photo
OrthoFX clear aligners
Good Photo
bite treatment using clear aligners
Bad Photo: Blurry photo, back teeth hidden
front bite using clear aligners
Bad Photo: Photo is taken with teeth biting down
front bite clear aligners - OrthoFX
Bad Photo: Photo is too dark
clear aligners - OrthoFX

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