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OrthoFX Day is a special event created just for you with our trusted network of doctors.

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Elements Dental
Johnstown, OH
October 26

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Daily Dental & Braces Bar
Gahanna, OH
September 14

Daily Dental & Braces Bar
Grove City, OH
September 14

National Dental
Hicksville, NY
September 15

Upcoming OrthoFX Days

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" In high school I had braces and a retainer, but over time, my smile became more and more crooked. Eventually, I began to hide my teeth by smiling with my lips closed. I was excited when my dentist recommended OrthoFX. It was affordable which was a huge relief. In addition to this, i felt secure going to my trusted dentist for check-ups. I am completing my six-month journey on March 4th, but I am excited for a future with straight and beautiful teeth. I can't wait to show off my smile! "
Rebecca J.
"OrthoFX literally saved my teeth and gums! Before OrthoFX, I had relatively straight teeth. However, my bite was off and my teeth were super overcrowded, causing major gum recession and gum sensitivity. I finally dove head first into OrthoFX, and I'm so glad I did. Within 6 months my teeth had straightened out, my gum sensitivity was gone, and I can finally fit dental floss in between my teeth! The OrthoFX customer service is top notch! Thank you!"
Sheridan K.


OrthoFX is a convenient, comfortable orthodontic option for treatment. The aligners are aesthetic and nearly invisible when you’re wearing them. Each aligner will be worn for 22 hours a day. Remove to eat, drink or brush your teeth. In most cases you’ll wear each set of aligners a week at a time.

Our FXTetra™ High-Tech aligners are games changers as well as smile changers. Included in your treatment:

• All doctor visits, 3D teeth scan, clinical records, and all clear aligners.
• Free replacement aligners and one free set of retainers
• Always In-Person Doctor Care or Virtual Treatment options available.

In your initial consultation, we will evaluate your oral health for treatment. In general, if you have maintained regular dental hygiene appointments and have good oral health, OrthoFX may be a good option for you. If you have active periodontal disease, missing teeth or active dental decay we will evaluate your condition and make recommendations before you can begin treatment. Patient safety and responsible care is important to our office.

We know things happen. Replacement aligners while you are in treatment are included in your satisfaction guarantee. This does not include replacement of final retainers. Simply contact OrthoFX Customer care at 415-936-0006 or email us at support@orthofx.com with your name, phone number, and your city.

After you have finished with your OrthoFX active treatment aligners and you’ve achieved your beautiful new smile, you want to protect your investment. A retainer will be worn daily according to our doctor’s instruction to keep your teeth in perfect alignment and your first set of retainers is included in your treatment. Our FXTetra Bright Retainers have a materials technology that make your perfect smile appear whiter and brighter. We know you’ll love wearing your retainer.