We, like you want to make sure your After photos stay just perfect. Hence, retainers!

Want straighter & also, brighter teeth?

Our retainers are made with revolutionary FXTetra Bright material for a natural white to your teeth. Instant Gratification. Smile wide & bright!

Did you know you should replace your retainers regularly?

  • They lose their ability to keep teeth straight over time.
  • They harbor microbes if not replaced & cause damage.

Just like a toothbrush, your retainers need to be routinely changed too.

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OrthoFX Retainer Subscription Program

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Retainer Subscription Program is here to make your life easier.

Protect your smile. Ensure oral hygiene.

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What Our Patients Say

Amy L.
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" Love how simple and pain free this system is! I remember pain from my original Ortho but orthofx is so much better! "
Andre W.
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"I love how the smile I've always been looking for is finally coming and in a short amount of time."
Brenda D.
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"The process is easier than I thought and nobody notices I'm wearing them."
Ky N.
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"I love that you can actually do monthly payment, installments and everything like that, because previously I couldn't pay that whole out of pocket amount, and I didn't have insurance, so this is a lot easier!"
Lisa D.
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"What a great deal for superior service."
Tony W.
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"Having a profession dentist as part of the treatment program gave me the peace of mind I needed. I chose OrthoFX over other competitive products because of this key differentiator!"

Your success makes us smile.


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  • Invisalign
  • Smile Direct Club
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Multiple Polymer Options with auto-correction Aligners
Remote Monitoring
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Teeth naturally have a tendency to shift back to their original positions after treatment. Retainers help keep them from moving back and makes sure your smile stays perfect.

FXTetra Bright™ is OrthoFX’s proprietary translucent material that makes teeth appear naturally whiter and brighter, without the use of chemicals or whitening gels.

Retainers wear down over time and lose the ability to keep teeth straight. Just like how you replace your toothbrush regularly, it’s important to replace your retainers often.

We recommend replacing your retainers at least every six months for optimal hygiene and performance. Depending on the specifics of your bite, you may need to replace them more or less frequently.

The purpose of your retainers is to maintain the position of your teeth. Many of the factors causing malocclusions continue to persist throughout life. There’s also a natural tendency for teeth to shift as part of the ageing process. Therefore, it is important to wear retainers indefinitely to keep your perfect smile.

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