FXPay and Why It’s a Game Changer

July 1, 2021

CEO and co-founder Ren Menon and VP of Customer Success Holly Bledsoe
Bennett come together in this webinar to detail how FXPay financing sets
OrthoFX apart from other clear aligner companies.

OrthoFX’s comprehensive approach provides continuous support throughout
every stage of treatment including insurance and payment. Using the online
application on our website, patients can have access to straightforward payment
plans without drawbacks like applications fees or pre-payment penalties and
without the extra work for your practice.

With 2 FXPay programs to choose from, Standard and Complete, your practice
can treat more patients regardless of credit score. Holly walks through available
resources for patient education as well as a demo of how to navigate FXPay
financing features online.

Together, OrthoFX and your practice can help patients secure the necessary
financing to complete treatment.

Our guarantee, we guarantee will make you smile.

Did you lose your aligners?

Don’t freak out. We’ll promptly replace your aligners for free. That’s how we roll.

Do your teeth have a mind of their own?

Teeth are unpredictable, so we’ll treat you again if they move back after your treatment.

Did you change your mind?

No worries if you’re not interested anymore. We’ll give you a pro-rated refund.

Tip: If a company has a guarantee like this, they must really like you.