Eliminate Mid-Course Corrections with revolutionary RESCUE ALIGNER

December 10, 2021
8:30 am PST
Virtual Zoom Event

In the clear aligner industry, continual advancements in treatment software fail to address a major issue – Mid-Course Correction headaches and treatment delays. OrthoFX is excited to announce our new innovation polymer material RESCUE ALIGNER to address this clinical issue without delaying treatment or throwing away ill-fitting aligners. When partnered with our FXOnTrack app, there is a seamless solution to eliminate MidCourse corrections. 

OrthoFX’s Industry Veterans : VP of Research and Development Loc Phan and VP of Product Agnieszka Klucinska – will share the technology behind Rescue Aligner and why this is a GAME CHANGER in maintaining the course of treatment delivering predictability, and reduced chairtime.  

Intended Audience: Doctors

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Teeth are unpredictable, so we’ll treat you again if they move back after your treatment.

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