What OrthoFX Can Do For Your Clear Aligner Practice

August 12, 2021
10:00 a.m. PST
Virtual Zoom Event

Ginger Day, Director of Learning and Development and OrthoFX provider Dr. Ryan Morrison (Omaha, Nebraska) discuss why OrthoFX is unique in the dental industry in our 30 Minute Learning Series.

OrthoFX is hybrid model addressing the needs of the consumer and your practice. Many patients are researching their clear aligner options and OrthoFX’s goal is to direct those patients to your practice and provide programs to convert them that are unique in the industry. PLUS, comprehensive practice support with our concierge services.

OrthoFX Provides : High Performance Aligners – Optimal force polymer science. 80% of patients finish on time.

FXPay Patient Financing with NO FEES to your practice. 100% Qualify – 24 Month same as cash option. Increase case starts with affordable financing options.

FXOnTrack Integrated Monitoring Technology Included. Reduce in office appointments and convenience thru remote check-in.

On-Demand Clinical Support included throughout treatment from our doctor team.

Concierge Service: Insurance Verification, Virtual TC to help close case conversions.

NEW: Scanner Loaner Program and Discount incentive

 Ginger Day – Director of Learning and Development

 Dr. Ryan Morrison – OrthoFX provider

Our guarantee, we guarantee will make you smile.

Did you lose your aligners?

Don’t freak out. We’ll promptly replace your aligners for free. That’s how we roll.

Do your teeth have a mind of their own?

Teeth are unpredictable, so we’ll treat you again if they move back after your treatment.

Did you change your mind?

No worries if you’re not interested anymore. We’ll give you a pro-rated refund.

Tip: If a company has a guarantee like this, they must really like you.