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Posted May 13, 2021

FXOnTrack Enhancement Updates

OrthoFX is excited to announce new enhancements to the FXOnTrack™ monitoring app. We’ve improved our diagnostic tools to enhance the experience and capabilities for both the patient and doctor.  


New Features – More Intuitive for you and your patients:

  • Review only cases flagged by the OrthoFX Clinical team as “Off track” – Our clinical team will review the patient photos on your behalf submitted on the app and report updates in the patient portal.
  • Review cases faster and better – easily accessible treatment history with better diagnostic tools 

Key Benefits:

  • FXOnTrack™ Remote Monitoring is included (no fees) for each patient and integrated in the doctor portal. 
  • Every submission is reviewed by the OrthoFX Clinical team 
  • Fewer in-office visits with regular check-ins – avg. 40% reduction. 
  • Detecting issues early and complete case within expected treatment time. 
  • Ensure case compliance through consistent check-in reminders. 
  • Share the progress case timeline with patients to increase patient experience and satisfaction. 
Posted March 30, 2021

FXPay Patient Financing Program Expansion

OrthoFX is expanding the FXPay patient financing program to cover all your patients by introducing a new tiered financing product 

We rolled out the FXPay financing platform earlier this year to select pilot Doctors to make OrthoFX treatments more affordable and accessible to all your patients.  

However, we noticed during pilot that our program was not meeting your needs fully and was not covering some of your patients. They were getting rejected due to reasons including insufficient or challenged credit histories.  

OrthoFX is expanding the FXPay financing program to cover all your patients by introducing a new tiered financing product.

Posted April 2020

Remote Start and Monitoring Technologies Enable Patient Convenience

Over the last two months, we’ve been helping our doctor-partners find new and meaningful ways to stay in touch with their patients in a time where adaptability, convenience, and safety are top of mind for everyone. 

As you may have heard, we’ve launched a free remote monitoring  app called  FXOnTrack as a way for doctors to monitor treatment progression through photo check-in’s. 

Today,  we’re proud to expand on our remote capabilities and  help kickstart  your patient’s  journey to a healthier and straighter smile .  Through this program, you’ll be able to turbo-charge your pipeline and bring new revenue streams into your practice.  This is especially timely, as we’ve seen encouraging trends in social media of patients wanting to use their time at home to start programs like clear aligner treatment.