Are Clear Aligners Covered by Insurance?

teeth straightening insurance

Teeth-straightening treatment with clear aligners has become one of the most efficient and effective procedures in recent times. It is a doctor-driven, hassle-free process where a series of plastic aligners are custom-made to fit an individual’s teeth and gradually realign them. The entire procedure takes around six months to two years, depending on the severity of a person’s malocclusion. 

The expenses depend on the material used (high-grade proprietary polymers in this case), the complexity of the issue, and the duration of the treatment. In addition, since the manufacturing of clear aligners involves lots of high-end technologies (3D prints, etc.), the cost of the treatment is higher than traditional braces.

However, the best part of undergoing teeth-straightening treatment via in-person care is the fact that it can fall under insurance coverage. If your health insurance plan includes dental/orthodontic coverage, then the expenses for the treatment can get reduced to a large extent. And you end up paying very little amount from your pocket. Most clear aligner providers also offer options to utilize health savings account (HAS) and flexible savings account (FSA) support if you are already paying into such plans. These schemes further help to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. 

OrthoFX offers end-to-end assistance to its customers in figuring out their insurance coverage and reimbursement rules and regulations. If you decide to go ahead with a treatment plan, after informing you about the commercials involved, the team helps you in understanding the extent of your insurance coverage. Thus, before making any payment, you get clarity on how much of the expenses will get covered by insurance and how much you would need to pay. And in case you have doubts about whether your insurance policy will cover the treatment or not, you can always check with the team. They chase down your insurance provider to dig out details of your coverage, thereby making the process smooth.