How Do Clear Aligners Work?

smile aligners

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners straightens teeth by applying gentle pressure and realigning them to the desired position. Although the process sounds simple, it involves a number of well-planned and executed steps to achieve the result. To start with, an experienced and licensed orthodontist or dentist needs to first gather full treatment records, conduct an evaluation to review the bite relationship, tooth position and review the health history of the patient and then decide the best course of treatment.

Diagnostic records such as x-rays, digital scans, etc. help the orthodontist to understand the severity of the malocclusion as well as the type of treatment required. Based on a virtual model of the teeth, OrthoFX will produce a a series of customized aligners from plastic, with a new set of aligners to be worn approximately every 7 days.

Aligners apply a gentle force to help move the teeth to the desired position. Week by week you’ll see your smile improve in small (and safe) incremental steps. Each new set fits this new programmed alignment step and moves the teeth closer to your end result. Since the pressure applied is very gentle and effective, the entire process has minimal discomfort. You can track your progress through the FXOntrack app that will keep your aligners working to their best efficiency. Your doctor and the team at OrthoFX work together to insure you have a great treatment experience.  

For the aligners to be effective, consistency is extremely important. They have to be worn for 20-22 hours a day and should only be removed only while eating, brushing or flossing. They should be cleaned daily with a mild solution of soap and water, then rinsed well. An aligner case (included) is also a must if they are removed to avoid misplacement or loss. In addition, maintaining the aligner change schedule as per the doctors advice is important and so is monitoring the fit of every aligner. Once the treatment is over and aligners are taken off, retainers have to be worn for as long as the doctor deems fit to maintain the realigned position of the teeth. The doctor will prescribe the final retainer and wear schedule.

Only a licensed and certified orthodontist or dentist is equipped with the required tools and technologies to make and appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan to take you through the successful treatment. To ensure your experience is smooth and fuss-free, the doctors at OrthoFX use FXTetra clear aligners, which apply 40% less pressure on the teeth, making them more comfortable. Unlike other competitive products, each set of these aligners can be worn for only one week (instead of two), which may accelerate the total treatment time. Safe and made from some of the clearest materials around, FXTetra from OrthoFX is the ideal solution for your perfect smile.