Get a clear roadmap to
building a successful aligner
practice with our CE Program


Make your aligner treatment more predictable

With every 8 out of 10 patients needing mid-course correction, delayed treatments are inevitable. The consequence is loss of time, money, and inconveniences for doctors and patients alike.

Our Rescue Aligners are changing that.

Bring treatments back on track faster

Built with a patented multi-shell design, the rescue aligners can provide better elasticity, withstand higher stress and provide the necessary force to bring treatments back on track.

Monitor and prevent off-track cases

Early detection of off-track cases by our AI-driven remote monitoring technology enables doctors to approve and ship rescue aligners directly to the patient.


Benefits of
OrthoFX’s CE Programs

Access to a variety of training modules including, one-on-one mentoring sessions, on-demand courses, ‘lunch and learn’ series, and webinars.

Equip yourself with tools to increase practice revenue.
Gain clinical confidence to treat patients.
Improve aligner case conversions.
Optimize patient marketing.
Learn from orthodontists, experts, and key opinion leaders.

Rescue Aligners

The faster, easier way to bring patients back on track