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Getting straight teeth should be easy.

Our journey is easy and up front. See below to learn exactly what it will be like to go through a full treatment with OrthoFX.

FXTetra: Ortho FX

How our treatment works

Meet your doctor

Review your plan and start wearing your aligners

Your doctor helps define your plan that best fits your life.

Use our remote monitoring to track and complete your treatment

Meet with your doctor in-person along with remote monitoring.

Best Clear Aligners in USA - OrthoFX

Step 1:
Visit the dentist or orthodontist

Select a doctor and schedule a 3D scan appointment so we can analyze your teeth.

Along with the 3D scan, you’ll receive a free exam of your teeth to ensure they’re ready and healthy enough to move.

3d simulation treatment

Step 2:
Review your treatment plan​

Get a sneak peek at your smile transformation! You’ll get to see this happen at almost every possible angle through our super cool 3D viewer. You’ll also know exactly how long it will take to get those straight beautiful teeth. 

OrthoFX Products - Best Teeth Straightening Aligners

Step 3:
Start wearing your aligners​

Receive your first aligners and treatment kit in about a week. Along with your first set of aligners, you’ll also receive a pretty cool kit filled with all the tools you’ll need along the way, including a pull tool and handy retainer case. The kit has reusable components too! Why not use the containers to hold things like cotton balls, floss, paper clips…whatever your little heart desires.

Best Clear Aligners - OrthoFX

Step 4:
Meet regularly with your doctor

Receive additional aligners and continued support every step along the way. This is truly what makes our clear aligner treatment great–the consistent support and oversight from our amazing doctors. You’ll always know you’re in safe hands and getting the best treatment you deserve. And when you’re done, we’ll give you your first set of retainers for free. It’s that easy!

Connecting with your doctor has never been easier. Meet FXOnTrack™

FXOnTrack App

Available exclusively for OrthoFX patients, FXOnTrack gives you and your doctor a new way to ensure your teeth are moving as expected–from the comfort of your own home!* 

Your doctor will decide whether remote monitoring is right for you. Not all treatments will qualify for use with FXOnTrack. 

Smile, because we’re always with you.

The OrthoFX Concierge Difference

Got a question? Our concierge service is always there to help. Here are a few things we love to talk about:

  • Insurance reimbursement
  • Financing options
  • FSA/HSA payment credit
  • Appointment setting
  • General questions
  • What the weather is like in California


We’re on this journey together.



OrthoFX Concierge Service

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