JumpStart is a promotional bonus program for recently contracted doctors who partner with OrthoFX.

clear aligner therapy

Our way of saying

‘Thank you, doctor’

You are awesome for choosing OrthoFX, JumpStart is our way of thanking you!



payout potential

There is no limit on the total bonus amount that can be earned during the JumpStart Program.

Extra bonus
with every case.

Yes, really.

During the program period, qualifying practices will get an additional bonus over and above the regular doctor payment for each qualifying case they submit.

Always upfront

The bonuses are in addition to the doctor payments based on the existing payout criteria for each tier.

First 30 days


per case bonus

remaining period


per case bonus

Full JumpStart Period


patient discount

JumpStart your payouts

Talk to your OrthoFX Consultant or dive right in and get started with OrthoFX in under 10 minutes.

So you’ve successfully jumpstarted your OrthoFX journey, now what?

Well we have an exciting bonus program that keeps on rewarding you for every single case you do! It’s time to race to the summit!


Your questions,

You’re awesome for choosing OrthoFX, so JumpStart is a token of our appreciation for you. JumpStart is a bonus program above and beyond your normal payment per treatment, valid for the first 60 days of our partnership.

For the first 30 days your practice will receive an additional $500 per case. Then for the next 30 days, an additional $300 per case. In addition, your patients who pay for their OrthoFX treatment during this period will receive a discount of $100 off their treatment.

It starts from the time you create an account with us. You can see the time remaining right on the banner in your doctor portal.

The sky is the limit! The more cases you submit, the more you earn, no limits apply.

Only aligner cases are considered for the program. Once you approve the treatment plan (FXPlan) and the patient pays OrthoFX for the treatment, you earn the bonus for the case.

Note: We consider the payment date or the plan approval date, whichever comes last, as the date on which the bonus is earned. Any case which is discounted more than 20%, Try It Kits, retainer subscriptions and staff treatment do not qualify for bonus dollars.

We always strive for quick on-time payments. You will receive the regular doctor payment within a week after the patient completes their payment and the additional bonus payout amount within a week after the close of the month.

We want to reward you for growing your practice with OrthoFX. After JumpStart you will graduate into our Summit Club bonus program. Learn more here.

Our concierge support team is here for you. Monday-Friday 9am PST – 5pm PST @ 415-936-0006 or email