Summit Club

We love giving additional bonus dollars to our hard-working practices. That’s why we automatically include you in a loyalty program that provides extra benefits for all of the smiles you’re creating, when you submit eligible cases.

Summit Club is a membership program for experienced practitioners who partner with OrthoFX.


payout potential

There is no limit on the number of bonuses that can be earned during the program.

Extra bonuses with every case.

Yes, really.

Qualifying practices receive an additional bonus over and above the regular payout for each eligible case they submit.

The sky is limitless

The Summit Club is a 3 month recurring membership loyalty program in which you prequalify for a bonus payment in addition to the base payment for each case.


at the top

Lifetime 100 cases (or)
16+ cases in a month to qualify
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Race to the summit

Race to the Summit/Summit Club

Our loyalty program rewards you with extra bonuses at every level from the base to the summit.

    • Race to the Summit – qualify monthly by submitting cases according to three tiers. The more cases you submit, the better the bonus.


    • Summit Club – once you submit 16 in one month, you qualify for the Summit Club. Stay at the highest reward level by submitting at least 16 cases over the next 3 months.

    The sky is limitless

    A 3 month recurring membership loyalty program in which you prequalify for a bonus payment in addition to the base payment for each case.

    Orthodontic Treatment

    It’s not just the destination, the journey counts too

    The Race to Summit Club has no concept of qualification or requalification, each month the tier is determined based on the cases in that month.

    Reach for the Summit

    Speak to an OrthoFX Consultant first or skip the introduction and start submitting cases today.


    Your questions,

    The Summit program is a loyalty program divided into two parts, Race to the Summit and Summit Club, that rewards you for the number of eligible cases you submit.

    The program pays a tier-based bonus in addition to your regular case payment. For Race to the Summit, bonuses are calculated monthly as follows:

    • For cases 2-4, the bonus starts at $150 per case.
    • For cases 5-9, the bonus increases to $250 per case.
    • For cases 10-15, the bonus increases to $350 per case.
    • If you submit 16+ cases per month, you reach Summit Club. Case #16 and above receive the highest case bonus of $450, and practices at this level receive additional benefits.

    There is no enrollment process. You are automatically included in this program when you submit eligible cases between the 1st of the month and the last day of the month.

    The more cases you submit, the more you earn. No limits apply.

    Only aligner cases are considered for the program (with the exception of cases financed through FXPay Complete). Once you approve the treatment plan (“FXPlan”) and the patient pays for the treatment, you earn the bonus for the case.

    Note: We consider the payment date or the plan approval date, whichever comes last, as the date on which the bonus is earned. Any case which is discounted more than 20%, Try It Kits, retainer subscriptions and staff treatment do not qualify for bonus dollars or contribute to lifetime case qualification criteria for the Summit Club.

    Cancelled cases do not qualify for the Summit program.

    We always strive for quick on-time payments. You will receive the case payment and associated bonus within a week after patients complete their full payment.

    When you submit 16 or more cases in one month, you become a Summit Club Member.

    To maintain your membership in the Summit Club, submit 16 cases over the next 3 months; and then continue to submit at least 16 cases in every 3-month period going forward. If this criteria is not met, we will extend the membership for 3 months as a grace-period to recover and retry.

    You may re-qualify for the Summit program in any month. If you submit at least 2 cases, you will be included in the Race to Summit program. If you submit at least 16 cases, you qualify for Summit Club.

    Our concierge support team is here for you. Monday-Friday 9am PST – 5pm PST @ 415-936-0006 or email us @