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World’s first hyper-elastic, compliance-friendly aligner system

Dream compliance backed by science

Aligners that make compliance effortless and treatments more predictable

Half of the standard wear time

OrthoFX’s disruptive polymer construction is different from any other aligner in the market. It performs accurately in half of the standard wear time, the first of its kind to be cleared by the FDA1.

As gentle as NiTi wires

The force levels applied by NiTime are significantly lower than conventional aligners. Patients almost feel no discomfort at all, improving compliance.

Unmatched performance

The exceptional predictability and performance of NiTime ensure efficient progress, motivating patients to wear it consistently for optimal results.

Groundbreaking technology for a high-performance aligner system

AirShell technology

An innovative polymer structure shaped into separate shells, creating the first hyper-elastic aligner.

Flexible Inner Shell

The adaptable inner shell accommodates up to 4 weeks of random teeth movement, addressing relapse and eliminating the need for refinements due to unseating issues.

Firmer Outer Shell

The firmer outer shell compresses air, gently guiding teeth toward their intended position with consistent and gentle movement, ensuring predictable outcomes.

Trusted by professionals

The first aligners delivering
NiTi wire forces

Biologically Optimal Forces

OrthoFX aligners are designed with favorable cellular histology in mind to stimulate the ideal generation of osteoclasts and osteoblast. Bone tissue remodeling happens at its natural pace, allowing teeth to move gradually and precisely to their destination.

Consistent Force Delivery

The force is delivered consistently while aligners are worn, ensuring effectiveness.

Intermittent Activity

Intermittent activity allows for bone remodeling despite relapse.

When technology aligns with biology, the extraordinary becomes possible

Enhanced efficiency

NiTime aligners outperform the industry standard 22-hour wear aligners for almost all orthodontic movements, demonstrating up to 30% greater movement efficiency compared to standard industry aligners1.

Predictable precision

Standard aligners exhibit a 14% predictability2 of tooth movement compared to the treatment plan. NiTime’s AirShell Technology demonstrates an astonishing 78% predictability, nearly eliminating the need for refinements throughout the entire treatment1.

Unmatched Performance

The exceptional predictability and performance of NiTime ensure efficient progress, motivating patients to wear it consistently for optimal results.

NiTime in the news

OrthoFX™ receives FDA clearance for NiTime™ aligners.

OrthoFX™ Receives FDA Clearance for NiTime™ Aligners

FDA OKs OrthoFX’s new NiTime aligners.

FDA OKs OrthoFX’s new NiTime aligners.

NiTime aligners showcased at American Association of Orthodontists conference.

NiTime aligners showcased at American Association of..

Frequently Asked Questions

Two factors are required to solve this, fit and force. The hyperelastic OrthoFX NiTime™ aligners have a wider fit range, enabling them to fit over the dentition in case of any relapses. The multi-shell construction generates the optimal force required to move predictably across lesser wear time and counteracts day-time relapses.

The standard force required for any type of tooth movement lies in the range of 70gms to 200gms of force. Industry-standard aligners exert 7x to 12x forces than what is required. OrthoFX NiTime has a patented multi-shell design that generates optimal forces in the range of 70gms to 200gms consistently to move teeth. Hence, NiTime aligners will not be a painful experience compared to industry-standard aligners.

OrthoFX NiTime has to be worn continuously for a minimum of 9-12 hours a day for best results.

1.  Data is as per the data on file and FDA clearance data.
2. Data as per the research paper What percentage of patients switch from Invisalign to braces? A retrospective study evaluating the conversion rate, number of refinement scans, and length of treatment by Neal Kravtiz


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