3 Things to Know About Clear Aligner Treatment

clear aligner treatment

Modern technology has changed our daily lives. Not only are we getting essentials delivered at our doorsteps, but clear aligner treatment from digital scanning and 3D models and advancements in materials means we can get orthodontic treatment discreetly. Isn’t it amazing? Invisible aligners, such as OrthoFX, can transform your oral healthcare for the better in a matter of months without letting the whole world know about the complex orthodontic process you are undergoing. But, what are some basic facts you need to know about this extremely innovative piece of technology called clear aligner? 

Make wearing aligners a habit

A big advantage of OrthoFX clear aligners, other than them being nearly invisible, is the fact that they are removable. However, we must wear it for a certain amount of time (approximately 22 hours a day) for it to work effectively. OrthoFX delivers gentle forces to move your teeth stage by stage so wearing the aligner the full 7 days is important. But, the advantage is, with such a system in place, you’ll be able to plan your life better by including a proper window for brushing, eating etc. This will not only improve your smile but also will help give a boost of self confidence to your overall lifestyle.

Tip: Try setting time limits, e.g., 2 mins for brushing, 30 mins for breakfast and 30 mins each for lunch and dinner—this way, you can even plan a 30 mins break-time from the treatment. 

Don’t worry, they are nearly invisible!

Even though clear aligners are nearly invisible to those around you, the wearers may still feel self conscious others can see you are pursuing clear aligner treatment. We assure you, without you telling them, it may be hard for the onlookers around you to know that you are wearing an aligner. 

Tip: Go for a brand like OrthoFX which gives you an option of trying it out before opting for the treatment. OrthoFX offers a Try-It-Kit which lets you have an idea of what daily life is like wearing a clear aligner. What’s more? The try-It-Kit also includes a teeth whitening set. 

They can be affordable

Au contraire to the common perception, clear aligners can be very affordable. Included in the cost of clear aligner treatment, you are getting an expert doctor overseeing your treatment that uses advanced technology aligners. The treatment allows you to lead a normal life, as opposed to some of the restrictions braces pose. If you think about it, had clear aligners been available during our teen years, when we had to live through metal braces, if we were a good candidate, we would have opted for them in a split second, if the price was similar.

Tip: Compare prices of the most popular brands and the facilities they offer to zero in on your treatment. OrthoFX treatments are not only affordable, but they also have great financing options with FXPay.