5 Benefits of Clear Aligners

clear aligner benefits

Straightening teeth with the help of orthodontics has become a cake walk, thanks to the increasing reach and availability of clear aligners. While traditional options like metal braces are still common, clear aligners score more in terms of advantages. Here are the five top benefits of using clear aligners.

Almost Invisible

Traditional metal braces are made of wires and brackets, which are visible whenever you smile. This could affect your self-esteem and make you conscious during social interactions. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are made from transparent plastic and are almost invisible. They barely affect your social life. You can flash your best smile while wearing them, yet no one may guess about your ongoing treatment. 


Clear aligners can be easily removed and that’s one of the top benefits using them. You can take them out while eating and while brushing/flossing. The fear of food getting stuck in the aligners is ruled out and you won’t need any dietary changes. Maintaining oral hygiene is much easier with clear aligners as you can remove them while brushing/flossing. Unlike metal braces  Also, you do not have to navigate through the wires, nor do you need to use any special tools. 


Eliminating wires and brackets could mean less irritation in your mouth. Apart from some initial discomfort when you change into a new set, clear aligners are mostly comfortable. They seamlessly fit onto your teeth and do not have any sharp edges that can cause poking inside the cheeks. 


Most clear aligners start shifting teeth towards their ideal position within the first week of wearing each new set. Therefore, the results may be visible quite early. The entire treatment typically takes approximately 3 months to 12-18 months, depending on the severity of the issue. OrthoFX clear aligners are changed every week (vs. 2 weeks for other aligner companies), thereby, this may reduce the treatment time even more. 


Treatment with clear aligners has been found to be a  highly effective treatment option. With a number of brands and competitive pricing in place, it is advisable to choose the best product and package for yourself. An ideal plan is one that does not entail any hidden charges, is covered by your dental insurance, and offers add-ons. OrthoFX treatment fee includes an initial exam, all aligners, your appointments, remote monitoring technology, and final retainer. They also have a financing program called FXPay that can break down your treatment fee into affordable monthly options. 

Benefits definitely outweigh the negatives while straightening teeth with clear aligners. A face-to-face consultation with your dentists or orthodontist will give you more clarity and help you choose the choice best for your smile.